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Hale welcomes local Fire Crew to Stormont.

Brenda hosting Dromore Firefighters at Stormont


Mrs Brenda Hale MLA recently welcomed local members of the Dromore NIFRS to Parliament Buildings, Stormont for a visit and a guided tour over two evenings.


Mrs Hale commented, “I was privileged to host local members of the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS), stationed in Dromore Fire Station. I was
delighted to meet with Firefighter Linda McDowell, from Dromore, who is due to
participate in the ‘World Police and Fire Games’, participating in the NIFRS
Wildfires netball team.


I also had the opportunity to meet with Crew Commander Steven Sands, Steven’s son Barry, is also a firefighter from Kinallen, and is taking part in the ‘Ultimate
Firefighter’ and ‘Dodgeball’ events.


I would like to wish all local members of the NIFRS and PSNI due to compete in
the World Police and Fire Games every success and commend them for their
dedication and service to the community through theirroles in the PSNI and


On behalf of all of the Dromore NIFRS crew, Mr George Gracey MBE, Dromore Watch
Commander, thanked Mrs Brenda Hale MLA for her kind invitation to Parliament
buildings Stormont.’


School Welcomes Special Decision


Local DUP MLA’s Jonathan Craig and Brenda Hale have welcomed the news that Beechlawn School in Hillsborough has been awarded additional funding to educate children with special needs up to the age of 18.


Mrs Hale stated that “this is exciting news for the school, the pupils and parents,
who have been lobbying for years to have post 16 education available at


She added, “I am delighted to have worked with my party colleagues to deliver what
can best be described as a ‘dream’ for those children who attend the school.
This development will ensure that children attending Beechlawn will no longer
be faced with the traumatic and often destabilising move to college, ensuring
that their educational needs can be catered for properly.”


To date children who attended Beechlawn School were faced with some very difficult
decisions when deciding on how best their further education could be supported.


Mr Craig stated “that quite often children have no option only to attend local
technical college. This change in educational atmosphere, especially in children with autism, can trigger many problems and issues which can cause further difficulties in gaining educational attainment. I am sure that this news will bring a sense of relieve to the many parents who are faced with making stressful decisions for their children whilst helping to ensure that they can make a very positive impact in society.


Local DUP councillor, Mr Uel Mackin, has also welcomed this very special announcement for the Beechlawn family. He stated that, “over 2 years ago I was approached by a parent asking for post 16 education at Beechlawn, to do nothing was not aoption.” He added, “I am sure that this announcement will be welcoming for the pupils and parents at Beechlawn, whilst helping to ensure the best preparation for their working lives ahead.”


Mrs Hale further added, “I speak on behalf of all my party colleagues in praising
the work of the development group who put together the business case for post
16 education at Beechlawn and the CEO of the South Eastern Education Board, Mr
Gregory Butler, for making this welcoming decision. It is also important to
note the role of the parents in lobbying for this development over the last 3 years,
underlining that local government is making sensible decisions on behalf of
local people.”


This was echoed by Mr Jeffrey Donaldson MP who also added a special thanks to all
those parents, staff and Board of Governors who campaigned so vigorously to secure
the extension to the educational support available at Beechlawn. He added,
“This will be of real benefit to the older children in helping them to equip
themselves for the world of employment and full involvement in the life of our
local communities.”


The Principal of Beechlawn School, Ms Barbara Green, was completely over whelmed by the special news. “My staff, pupils and parents were completely shocked when we
got the news on Wednesday that we would finally have a fully funded 6th
form centre at the school.”


She added “I would like to thank Brenda Hale, Jonathan Craig and Jeffrey Donaldson
MP, for their continued hard work and support over the last 3 years in making
this possible. We look forward to the new term, with a new 6th form
centre, ensuring that pupils at Beechlawn can now be supported up to the age of


Local parent Ms Patricia Clarke also thanked all those who had made this special
decision possible. She added “what this means to the children and parents at
Beechlawn School is completely immeasurable, and I am sure that I speak on
behalf of all the parents in acknowledging how this takes some of the burden
and stress away when having to make decisions for your children when selecting
post 16 education.





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